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New Testament Greek Language Course


Learn how to read, translate and understand the New Testament Greek Language in 8 Easy Steps.



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ICC Lapel Badges


ICC will be producing a range of enamel coated lapel badges showing our purple ICC logo over a cream background. Each badge is approximately 20mm x 20mm.












These are made to order at £5.00 each.


We will also be adding to the collection a jewel crest medal





























The Crest is the coat of arms, in royal purple and gold enamel colour with golden bar and crimson ribbon.

The writing in Greek translates to  ‘Jesus Christ Conquers’.

Each crest is approximately 50mm x 35mm.

These are made to order at £40.00 each.


If you are interested to purchase these lapel badges then please contact Pastor John via email address [email protected] or call 07927 675408

All proceeds from this will go towards extending the work of the

Ixthus Church Council.

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ICC Bible Diploma Course


ICC will be commencing enrolment for the next 8 Week Bible Diploma Course.


The first session will begin on Saturday 11th September 2021.


We are aware of the difficulties that the situation with the lockdown and subsequent government restrictions have caused us all and so you will be pleased to know that we have included the option to study and interact with us live via Zoom.


Zoom is a free App and once downloaded on your phone or media device of choice, you can log in, view and listen to the course live (and where appropriate interact audibly).


The aim of this course is for anyone wanting to progress within ministry. The course is an invaluable study guide which acknowledges the basics as well as the more technical aspects of Christianity. The eight week course will be held on Saturdays, consisting of three sessions and will cover various ecclesiastical subjects including church history, doctrine and church practices.


Furthermore, passing this course helps endorse Ministers applying to be Ordained or Consecrated under the auspices of the Ixthus Church Council.


Should you be interested in this course, please contact Pastor John at [email protected] to confirm your interest.


If you decide to commit to the course, we will forward you the application process for you to complete and return to us. You may hand it in at the commencement of the course, if you notify us at least a week before confirming that you will be studying the course.