ICC Bible Diploma Course

New Testament Greek Language Course

Learn how to read, translate and understand the New Testament Greek Language in 8 Easy Steps.

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Bible Diploma Course

Saturday Bible College: Ministers of the future!

Course Specification

Purpose of the course:
For anyone wanting to progress within ministry, this ecclesiastical course is an invaluable study guide that acknowledges the basics as well as the more technical aspects of Christianity. Upon successful completion of the course the student will hereby be awarded accreditation by the Ixthus Church Council and may apply for either;
• Ordination as a Reverend Minister under the auspices of the Ixthus Church Council.
• Ordination as a Lay Minister under the guidance of the Ixthus Church Council.

Accredited by the Ixthus Church Council.

This is an intensive course that examines primarily Biblical Scripture and its relevance within today’s world of Christendom, drawing out meaning and understanding with the aim of equipping the individual for ministerial purpose by gaining knowledge of Evangelism, Church structure, regulation and Pastoralship.
Theory - Two essays of up to 2000 words are required. The essay title is optional providing it corresponds with one of the lectures of the semester. Therefore, two 2000 word essays will be required in order to complete the theoretical component of the course.
Presentation - The student will be expected to present a fifteen-minute class presentation on any topic covered throughout the course. This will be presented at the end of the course, giving the student an opportunity to demonstrate his or her ability to minister in front of a congregation.

Here are some of the themes that will be covered:

Acts of the Apostles.
Early Church Issues and Church Foundation.
Creeds, Councils, and Controversies.
Early Heresies and their impact in the 21st Century.

Gospel of John. What was the significance of his message?
The Synoptic Gospels; Matthew, Mark and Luke.
Meaning & significance of the miracles and signs of Jesus.
The Epistles of Peter.

Moses, The Torah (The first five books of the Bible).
The life and works of King David & his Psalms.
The book of Isaiah,

Christology; The nature of Jesus Christ.
The significance of the Holy Spirit.
Eschatology – the study of ‘End Times’
James and Paul’s epistles compared and contrasted; works and faith.

Church structure according to Paul and Early Church.
Modern Challenges & Opportunities

There is also an optional New Testament Greek course for beginners and taught according to the popular guide ‘It’s all Greek to me’.

the fees for the six week course are set at £290 for the 2019 in-take. There is the option of paying the course fee in installments. Please discuss options with course administrator.

Books required and optional reading list:
The student will need access to a Bible (preferably NKJV but any credible Bible should be sufficient).
Interlinear Greek New Testament
The Apostolic Fathers, 1987, Andrew Louth
Septuagint (Old Testament Translated into Greek)
Know Why You Believe, 2008, Paul E. Little
Luke: A Gospel for Today, 1989, Linda Smith and Raeper William
The Holy Spirit: His Person and work, 1976, Edward Henry Bickersteth
The Trinity: Scripture testimony to the one eternal Godhead of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Edward Henry Bickersteth
Christ in the Psalms, 2012, Patrick Henry Reardon
Christianity (Introducing Religions), 2007, Sue Penney
Student Bible Atlas, 2015, Tim Dowley
The History of Christianity, 1996, Tim Dowley
Willmington's Bible Handbook, 2011, H.L. Willmington

Course commencement date and address:
Saturday the 12th January 2019 from 10am to 2pm. Registration is at 9.30am. There are four 50 minute sessions with short breaks between each session.
Classes to be held at the Ixthus Church Council Head Office 193-195 Fore Street, Angel Place, Edmonton, N18 2UD.

The student must enroll before the beginning of the course (preferably one month before each announcement date) . Please contact the course administration officer for more details at info@ixthuscc.com.

Rt. Reverend Dr. Costakis Evangelou
Head of Department

Pastor John Joannou
Course Convener and Lecturer

Pastor Chris Zacharia

Pastor Julian Tobierre

Eva Kyriacou
Liaison officer

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